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Installation problem

 Required Tools

1. Rotary Hammer Drill 7. Hex-Key/Allen Wrench Set
2. Masonry Bit 8. Crow Bar for Shim Installation
3. Hammer 9.Chalk Line
4. Level 10.Medium Cross Screwdriver
5. Open-End Wrench Set 11. Medium Flat Screwdriver
6. Medium Crescent Wrench 12. Tape Measure

Check Space Suitability

The lift has been designed to be used in covered and sheltered places free of overhead obstructions.
The place of installation must not be next to washing areas, painting workbenches, solvent or varnish
deposits. The installation near to rooms, where a dangerous situation of explosion can occur, is strictly
forbidden. The relevantstandards ofthe local Healthand Safety at Work regulations, for instance, with
respect to minimum distance to wall or other equipment, escapes and the like, must be observed.


Lighting must be carried out according to the effective regulations of the place of installation. All
areas next to the lift must be well and uniformly lit.

Floor Requirements

The lift MUST be installed on 3000 PSI concrete with the minimum thickness 200mm and an extension of
at least 1.5m from anchoring points. New concrete must be adequately cured by at least 20 days
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